Moorhayes Spring!

10 March 2022   


Hello friends,


The sun is shining but it’s hard to not be gloomy given the hideous news and we are wondering how Ukrainian farmers are coping with getting new crops planted, cows calved and animals fed in a war zone. With Jim and my background in various conflicts around the world memories are triggered and friends are in touch – sadly it’s not just Ukraine suffering.


And prices are rising – but not ours! It proves the point that raising animals on grass in Devon, with minimal inputs, means we can keep costs as low as possible for us all – not as low as some crazy supermarket prices but we can assure welfare, quality and provenance. We, and you, know exactly where our animals were born and have spent every single day of their lives, everything they have eaten, with zero medication (apart from a painkiller during castration!). In the past we have put one spread of fertiliser on a year, but not this year. Low stocking rates means no need for worming. Locally bred animals and a wonderful butcher in Ottery minimises transport costs.  We can’t find any more efficiencies or any better taste. As ever, when you choose to eat meat, you can choose to know where it comes from and exactly how it was raised.  


We’ve just taken in our next pigs, 8 Berkshires, bred by Adrian Hoskins of Edgehill Rare Breeds in Shillingford. It’s always an exciting day as they run off excitedly to explore their new home. They are absolutely loving exploring their acre of woodland and are already doing a grand job with the brambles. Pork will be ready in late summer. 


We will pick up the next steers from Will Webber in a couple of weeks. He breeds pure bred Aberdeen Angus in the same village, so he overwinters them there on the flood plain, and they come up here for the spring grass.


I’m taking orders now for the next beef boxes, which will be ready at the end of March. The beef hangs for a month to ensure maximum tenderness. You can order and pay online at or you can email me with orders or questions here to  


As ever please let me know if you want any particular special joints or cuts – I have already reserved one Filet and much Chuck. We tried something different last time by not vacuum packing the meat – it makes no difference to the quality of the meat but we have decided we much prefer the presentation of the vacuum packed bags and it is easier to handle. We can freeze a few boxes if you haven’t had time to sort out your freezer yet. And we can deliver within 5 miles for free or meet you locally, alternatively do come and collect from the farm and visit the pigs at the same time.

If you have an interest in locally grown lamb do please let me know as we will be bartering with Bellbrook Farm, just up the road in Oakford! 

Take care, Annabel


Tel: 077686 30388    Email: Moorhayes Farm, Washfield, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9RF